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Welcome to A Gifted Mind.

A Gifted Mind is part of the "Seek" project and attempts to put as much useful information about Gifted Children and Adults out there as possible, not only pertaining to the UAE but globally. Our main aim is to bring insight and, where possible, different viewpoints and perspectives on a lot of issues surrounding the whole premise of being “Gifted.”

We welcome you to post articles and participate in debates and eventually we intend to hold periodic competitions that anyone who meets the criteria can enter. As part of some of our content, we will be pulling interesting stories and information from all over the internet, some of which you may/may not know about. We will also put links we feel are very useful in our Links Section

With people such as James T. Webb, and Manahel Thabet other such key figured actively participating in such fields we feel that in the future we will try to have Guest Speakers and Interviews and much more - so please watch this space. Enjoy your time here and once again, welcome to A Gifted Mind.

The 5 websites in the "Seek" Series are : The IQ Hub, A Gifted Mind, The Quantum Buzz, Women Power ME and Financially Engineered

Latest Articles

Updated: 10/07/2016
There is no single gifted child profile. Each child and situation is unique. Recognizing
Updated: 10/07/2016
What comes to mind when you think of the brain? You probably imagine a crinkly,
Updated: 18/07/2016
Every time you move around, you are turning on genes in your brain. A study in mice shows
Updated: 18/07/2016
Ahaan Rungta and his family moved from Calcutta, India, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in


Updated: 19/07/2016
Three years have passed since I wrote the popular post, 8 Things the World Must
Updated: 19/07/2016
The Problemoids program was created for advanced students in math. It is based on the
Updated: 19/07/2016
The keynote speech delivered at the Indiana Association for the Gifted 1998 Annual

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About us

This website is part of the "Seek" Series and is inspired by people such as Thomas Buzan, Manahel Thabet and more.



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