Math Books for Gifted Childen Math Books for Gifted Childen

Math Books for Gifted Childen

The Problemoids program was created for advanced students in math. It is based on the scope and sequence of state math curriculum guide and is grounded on the problem-solving work of distinguished mathematician, Professor George Polya (1887-1985). The program requires higher levels of thinking than the typical curriculum so is ideally suited for gifted children. It is designed for grades 4, 5 and 6 up.

If you go to the end of the page you will see a number of other books on math for gifted children, including the novels on mathematical fiction by Robert Black.

Problemoids focuses on developing and using problem-solving strategies, not on memorization or operations. The hints and solution sheets are designed to introduce, teach, and reinforce 19 problem-solving strategies.

The program provides students with means of self-checking the most difficult part of their work. It has three components: student workbooks called CHALLENGE, which include 50 problems and several levels of strategy-based hints for each problem; a separate solution sheet for each problem with strategies for solving the problems illustrated in detail so the students can check their work; and a teacher manual called MENTOR, which explains the program and which contains the answers to the problems. The manuals and solution sheets are designed to minimize the instructor’s preparation time.



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